Oil changes: What you need to know

Oil changes: What you need to know

There is a current myth that has been around since before many of us were alive. Every 3000 miles you should change your oil. This is not only outdated, but an absolute lie. Oil technology has come light-years from where it used to be. The majority of service manuals suggest changing your oil every 7,500-10,000 miles. Some can push that number as high as 15,000. That is five times less oil used than the current average.

auto repair shop for oil changes

Auto Repair – oil changes!

But if you throw that outdated piece of garbage quote out the window, here is what you really need to know to change your own oil. You are currently paying about $25-30 to a fast lube shop attendant to change your oil for you. Half of that goes into his service, so you are just throwing money around like it is confetti. Get yourself a new oil filter, some oil, an oil filter wrench if you cannot unscrew the filter by hand, a socket wrench set if you don’t have one already, a bucket for the old oil, a funnel, some rags for wiping, and maybe a car ramp if you want to make it easier on yourself. There are some very good guides and suggestions on the internet for your specific make and model.

There really is no rule of thumb for auto repair, just find your service manual and make sure it’s all the way it should be. Essentially, the concept is to replace the oil filter and get rid of the old oil and put in some nice fresh oil. I know it might sound a bit simplistic, but that’s really all there is to it. The only details that really matter here are the make and model of the vehicle and minor things like where and how you access the oil filter and oil cap.

Keep current with your oil changes and your car will last!

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